Wings of the Shenzhen robot industry

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Recently, the 2018 Shenzhen Robot Annual Awards selection event organized by Shenzhen Robot Association was officially launched, and the Shenzhen Robot “Ten Years Carnival” was welcomed. The ten-year carnival will showcase the development of the Shenzhen robot industry in the decade of the Shenzhen Robotics Industry Awards, the collection of typical case demonstration projects, the report on industry application results, the industry support public service platform, and the high-end academician forum. It also witnessed the development of the robotics industry in Shenzhen from the initial germination, and now some core components have been able to compete with well-known overseas brands. The integrated application of 3C industry has become the largest market in the world.

In the spring and autumn of the decade, the Shenzhen robot industry relies on technological innovation and industrial infrastructure to form the most complete new growth pole in the country with an output value of more than 100 billion. The Shenzhen Robot Association has also grown rapidly in this development. There are more than 400 member companies and the industry scale exceeds 80 billion. The association organizes advanced institutes and other experts and enterprises to jointly declare production, research and research projects, and 25 companies have been approved for 9 projects. The total amount reached 35 million yuan, a new high.

In recent years, Shenzhen Robotics Association has made unremitting efforts to promote technological innovation, service enterprises and promote the healthy development of the industry. It has issued a white paper for the industry for four consecutive years, creating an international exchange and cooperation platform and industrial service system to train professionals in the industry. Corporate financial services have taken the wings of the development of the robot and smart equipment industry in Shenzhen.

For the fourth consecutive year, the “White Paper” was released as the industry’s “number”

In 2006, Shenzhen Advanced Institute predicted at the high-tech fair that “in the next 10 years, robots will definitely enter thousands of households.” Behind a bold forecast is actually the result of a careful analysis of the future development of the robotics industry. In 2007, the high-tech fair began to hold a “robot special exhibition”, which has continued to this day. From the living room to the restaurant, from the hospital to the factory, from space to the deep sea… The robots of various scenes were displayed in previous high-tech fairs and finally applied. In 2009, Shenzhen Advanced Institute founded the Shenzhen Robot Association, in line with the purpose of serving enterprises, developing industries, and regulating the industry, setting a direction for the industry to promote the sustainable and healthy development of the robot industry.

Entrusted by the competent government department, Shenzhen Robotics Association has organized and prepared a white paper on the development of robot industry in Shenzhen for four consecutive years, providing a basis for government departments to introduce planning policies, judging the main characteristics and development direction of the industry, and providing corporate development through typical case analysis. Reference and reference.

At the annual conference, the white paper became a hot commodity, and its high gold content also allowed companies to find business opportunities from the white paper. The 2014 edition of the white paper suggests that Shenzhen’s development of the robot industry can break from the 3C sector and predict the industry development trend and scale during the 13th Five-Year Plan period. At present, the Shenzhen robot industry has formed the characteristics of “ontology + system integration”, mainly serving 3C and logistics industries. In 2017, the output value reached 103.5 billion yuan, and the industrial added value reached 36.2 billion yuan.

Build a professional platform to build an industrial service ecosystem

“Shenzhen Robotics Association is the earliest established robot industry association in China, and established an ecosystem of communication promotion within the industry earlier.” Bi Yalei, secretary general of Shenzhen Robotics Association, said that the association has established the Shenzhen Robot Youth Expert Committee and Shenzhen Municipality respectively. The Robotics and Intelligent Systems Expert Committee, two committees in the industrial robots and intelligent service robots for the Association’s technical advisory institutions, to promote the Association’s 3C intelligent manufacturing transformation and other special projects.

Last year, the 3C Industrial Intelligence Factory’s transformation and promotion activities of the Association’s Youth Commission went into Ningbo, Nanjing and Zhuzhou, and were widely praised. The Intelligent Committee consisted of a group of experts, scholars and industrial and technological elites such as Tencent and Huawei. Industry-university research strengthens the interaction between industry and innovation, such as speech recognition, face recognition, image, perception, and big data analysis. In addition, the “Robots and Intelligent Systems Magazine” sponsored by the Association, the technology and market communication of the service industry, has formed a good atmosphere for the synergy between innovation and industry.

In order to promote Shenzhen’s local enterprises to enhance their international competitiveness and promote Escort Shenzhen to become an international intelligent manufacturing base, innovation base and service base featuring robots, the Association has spared no effort.

According to reports, the Association has held the Shenzhen International Robotics and Intelligent Systems Expo for four consecutive years, becoming the “signature dish” of China Electronic Information Expo. The annual fair attracts more than 100,000 professional users from home and abroad and nearly 120,000 visitors. The Shenzhen International Robotics and Intelligent Systems Academician Forum and several high-end forums have been held for four consecutive years to build an international platform for production, learning, research and capital in the field of robotics and intelligent systems.

Actively carry out foreign cooperation and docking activities. It has organized association companies to exchange and cooperate with the Singapore International Enterprise Development Agency and the Danish robot industry delegation to find cooperation opportunities and partners in technological innovation and capacity cooperation.

Technological innovation leads the industry

“Shenzhen robot technology can be described as a thousand miles.” IEEE former president Howard Michael said in Shenzhen that when he first arrived in Shenzhen more than 20 years ago, he saw that the robots and artificial intelligence technology here are still very young, and the space for exerting his fists is very limited. Today, Shenzhen’s technological innovation is always breaking through his imagination.

The Shenzhen Robotics Association plays a role as a technology leader in the development of key, common and forward-looking technologies for robotics and intelligent equipment-related industries, and transforms core technologies into related industries to provide technical consultation, training and integration for enterprises in Guangdong. Application solution. In 2018, it was approved as a public technology support platform for Guangdong’s intelligent manufacturing industry, which will provide more industry public services for Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macau.

The Shenzhen Robotics Association promoted 74 cooperative development projects through various platforms, with a cooperation amount of more than 73 million yuan and 8 enterprise joint laboratories, which strongly supported the development of the robot industry and robotics. “In terms of common key technology research and technological innovation services, it is planned to serve more than 30 enterprises each year, and establish five enterprise joint laboratories.” Bi Yalei said.

To solve the problem of financing difficulties and financing for SMEs, the Association vigorously promotes industrial financial services. The association signed an agreement with China Merchants Bank. In 2017, China Merchants Bank Shenzhen Branch granted credit to 19 member companies, with a total credit of 1.1 billion yuan and a loan balance of 850 million yuan. As of March this year, it provided credit service to 22 member companies such as Guangning, Xinwangda and Shiyi Intelligent, and obtained a total of 1.3 billion yuan in loans. The loan balance was 921 million yuan, and 52 million yuan was approved. The annual increase is 18%.

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